4. “Falling crazy about an opponent”

Right or Completely wrong: When you are filming in school, Sheng Zhe (Zhang Hang) runs into Yo-yo, a keen 7-year-old woman seeking getting away from a potential slide. He and his awesome classmate get their back to the woman reckless dad Shi Yi Jie (Jiang Chang Hui), a professor just who prioritizes performs over spending time with their girl. However, Sheng Zhe’s ending up in Yo Yo’s dad does not avoid here, just like the Shi Yi Jie ends up are an alternative teacher getting certainly one of Sheng Zhe’s kinds. Nonetheless active with performs, the fresh new professor hires Sheng Zhe once the a great nanny, in which he facilitate Yi Jie become more employed in Yo Yo’s lives. But the longer they spend together, the more Yi Jie understands that he you should never live instead Sheng Zhe. “Best or Completely wrong” concentrates on a taboo relationships between a student and you may teacher that have a pretty higher years pit. For people who don’t head regardless if, Yo Yo’s sandwich patch regarding building a household once again was heart-home heating.

Crossing the brand new Range: So it occurrence consists of two lovers: a special pupil just who gets recruited by the volleyball group you to a senior student is courses, in addition to two step brothers who will be very romantic however, unwilling in terms of telling one another its attitude. “Crossing the newest Range” effectively uses sports because a backdrop of your own intimate plot range of the two lovers, plus it stays a cute story off several partners that just you desire a small push in enabling together with her.

3. “Dark blue and Moon”

Those that have saw “HIStory” ond Lee that directed periods regarding the anthology crisis, however, as opposed to “Record,” “Dark blue and you may Moon” are the full series and you may is targeted on new love story away from Hai Qing (Aric Chen) and you may Yan Fei (Ting Yun Wang). When you look at the “Dark blue and you may Moonlight,” Hai Qing wants to go after painting much so you can their dad’s disdain. If you’re struggling to follow their ambitions, the guy looks like fulfilling and you may subsequently protecting Yan Fei out-of drowning during the a swimming pool. It immediately hook however, treat experience of each other. In the whole show, Hai Qing and you will Yan Fei nearly fulfill once more, nevertheless the timing never ever ends up some right. The conclude because of it crisis can come regarding because polarizing because the new ending does not link what you right up. Although not, there are even unique symptoms one to happen sometime shortly after the brand new finale.

“Falling crazy about a competitor” (known as “Counterattack”) portrays Wu Suo Wei (Feng Jian Yu)’s the reason revenge facing his ex boyfriend-spouse, Yue Yue. After becoming together with her to have seven ages, Yue Yue dumps Wu Suo Wei convinced she will do better. Finding their ex boyfriend-girlfriend with another child (Chi Cheng), Suo Wei turns up on the thought of seducing Chi Cheng in order that the guy places Yue Yue and finally affects the girl. Obviously, Chi Cheng possess an elevated taste for the males than female and you can requires Suo Wei from the wonder as he does not have any reservations in the crossing the new range. The latest drama comes after a typically comedic tone which have multiple regarding hit a brick wall arrangements and twists future Suo Wei’s method.

5. “Choose Our Youthfulness: The guy Drops in love with Him”

Inside crisis, Xiao En (Lin Yu Pin) starts to concern whether the girl date Xin Yu (Yorke Sunshine) are cheating on her behalf and their older Pin Jia. It generally does not let which he could have been acting skeptical, hence Pin Jia (Lyla Lin) always is apparently to your. Just after adopting the Xin Yu, Xiao Dentro de sees him that have one and you can face him on the the relationships. Unexpectedly, this won’t concentrate on the development emotions regarding Xin Yu and you can Wei Jia (Li Deyn), but alternatively they depicts the procedure of Xiao En studying and taking the conclusion their love. Of these interested in a sequence you to is targeted on a unique position, this would be a initiate.