Features of cultural studies as an academic discipline: the goals, objectives

Cultural Studies as a science. Subject and Cultural Studies Function

Cultural – set of research culture as structural integrity. The term “cultural studies” was proposed by an American anthropologist Leslie White to denote a new discipline as an independent science in the complex of social sciences. However, in the foreign scientific classification of cultural studies as a separate science is not isolated. Cultural phenomenon in Europe and America refers primarily to social and ethnographic sense, therefore, considered to be the basic science of cultural anthropology. The subject of cultural studies – the study of the phenomenon of culture as a historical and social experience of the people, which is embodied in the specific regulations, laws and terms of their activities, passed on from generation to generation in the form of values ​​and ideals, interpreted as “cultural texts” of philosophy, religion, art and law .

Cultural Studies as an academic discipline. Object, object, tasks, and categories of cultural studies

Categories Cultural Studies – is the most fundamental concepts of cultural regularities, phenomena, processes and relationships. The main categories of culture – cultural processes, cultural features, cultural modality, cultural values ​​and norms, signs, symbols, images, cultural actors, cultural institutions, the typology of culture, cross-cultural interaction. The concept of culture is one of the fundamental and rich in content. Scientists are now more than 500 definitions of culture. Culture – is that man is created in the broadest sense of the word. Culture understood as the opposition of nature and transmitted by tradition means the language and symbols of practical study and direct imitation. The concept of culture originally meant the cultivation, cultivation of the soil, ie, a change of a natural object under the influence of human activities. It was taken care of human and deity, all protected, so anciently stuck another meaning of culture as reverence, worship of the gods. Hence the value of the cult and culture of the same root.

Modern cultural studies make a critical dissertation writing look at their own culture and its characteristic type of person is often perceived as an immediate reality, to understand their historical and cross-cultural boundaries. Modern man is beginning to understand that the cultural identity of its people is inseparable from the cultural identity of other people, we all obey the “laws” of cultural communication. Thus, one of the features cultural attitude – clarification and understanding of the historical and cultural relativity of contemporary culture, its borders and to clarify the interdependencies and interrelationships of different constituent cultures.