Most Useful Associated With The Weirdest Sites On The Net 2020


Only a little motivational site to enable you to get hypes for the day’s hustlin.

He-Man Sings

Quite a addicting view. He-man sings to your backing songs of many of one’s favourite tracks.


This website really makes me feel ill. The songs within the back ground, in conjunction with the graphics that are moving does make us feel as if you are dropping into an infinity.

Republique Des Mangues

Look at the republic of mangoes and rejoice into the drifting mango in the sky. Really strange, extremely strange and just why would anybody build a website similar to this? Simply because they can!

Another simple and weird site that’ll chant “RGB” at you using your computer speakers. RGB represents Red, Green and Blue in the event that you don’t already fully know.


Alan Partridge is really a legend over here in the united kingdom and also this little cycle of him playing the bass to Daft Punk’s have fortunate is merely genius! There’s nothing much to it, many of the most useful a few ideas are simply that…simple.


The website that guarantees a great deal but delivers almost no. Extremely funny though.

Three guys that are identical go on it in turn to state three terms with what appears like French. Perhaps perhaps Not strange at all!


A hypnotic toad with a droning sound within the background this is certainly strangely soothing. Could this toad hypnotise you into quitting smoking cigarettes or conquering a phobia? Not likely.

The Nicest Put On The World Wide Web

A feel great web web web site with plenty of good individuals waving at you. All extremely good and civilised. Unlike true to life.

Limmy – Swearing Xylophone

Limmy is really a comedian from Glasgow, Scotland. He’s additionally a rather clever designer that is digital has designed and built some really revolutionary and funny electronic / interactive artworks. This 1 is a xylophone this is certainly really very rude! NSFW. Then when you will do tune in to it at the office, be sure you get headphones on. Don’t allow the kids either play with it! LOL!


This web site scrapes Twitter and shows the amount of times a tweet has a word that is homophobic it. It’s function would be to emphasize the use of homophobic language within everyday conversations.


Travel the global globe to far flung places with only a simply click of one’s mouse. That knows where these accepted places are. Click on the go button and you’ll be transported to random road views around the world.

Whenever one thing goes defectively incorrect in the office or perhaps in some other part of your daily life and also you feel screaming near the top of your sound, then feel safe into the knowledge which you have actually a resource makes it possible for you to definitely press a key getting immediate rest from your pain or anxiety without individuals convinced that you’ve lost the plot totally. Mind up to go to, pop music in your headphones, and press that blue key as much times while you feel fit to take action. Darth Vader is going to do the working job of screaming for your needs.


Another joker has put up a website to market the known undeniable fact that he appears like Barak Obama. The man referred to as “Trevor” reckons he looks the spitting image the ex-president for the usa.

The bit that is best of the web site is where he describes the distinctions between him and Barak. Take a peek. The man is a comedy genius. Done well, but you’re website is pretty strange and instead worthless.


This is certainly an extremely strange internet site for most of us, but then you will love this dedicated zombie dating and social networking site if you’re a zombie lover, zombie survivalist, zombie prepper or just a plain zombie freak. Whom requires the run of this mill internet dating sites if you have this zombie that is extremely niche fest just a couple of ticks away!


There’s nothing much to this web site except that a really little FB like switch. And yes, over 300k individuals have liked this site.


Exactly just What better method to blow a couple of hours of yourself than considering two very seductively looking corn dogs while listening for some filthy 70s adult film music.

Electrical Boogie Woogie

A tremendously strange web site that is basically just an animated type of Mondrian’s ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’

Nothing more, nothing less.


Simply lots and a lot of poorly animated corgi dogs. Amazing.


Sorts of claims exactly just exactly what it will regarding the tin!


Are interested something either confusing or weird? Yes? Well click on from the “please button” and it’ll just just simply take you to definitely a product that is weird to buy on e-bay or amazon.

Here’s a typical example of what’s being offered…

This might be our 2nd corndog associated website that is weird in this specific article. Then this site will flick your switches if corndogs are your thing. It’s literally simply a lot of corndogs dropping through the sky.


A strange eel kind creature that moves erratically when you place your cursor over it. There’s also some freaky, psychedelic backgrounds aswell, that isn’t great in the event that you suffer with epilepsy. Weird level: 10.


A tremendously strange site that features a smiling pink cube that positions itself in direction of wherever you place your mouse.

Any recommendations?

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