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 Contact Management

The main idea behind using a good CRM system is Contact management. With Odyssey CRM you can now store all information about your clients, company names and each individual employee. Each company contact allows multiple staff to be linked, from admin right through to the decision makers. You can quickly search and find these contacts before creating new quotations or deals. Communicate with your contact through emails and SMS messages. Odyssey CRM will also allow you to stay in contact with your customers, through automatic email or SMS reminders when it’s your customer’s birthday or special occasions.

All contacts are automatically integrated with outlook and all incoming and outgoing emails are stored for future use. The contact management system in odyssey stores all previous emails, tasks, reminders and SMS messages that were sent. So if a client queries any preloaded deal, management can go back and track all communications that was done between the sales person and the client.


Odyssey CRM Bloemfontein Calendar

Calendar Management

You can now throw away that old diary book. With the build in scheduler, you can now easily record your events, tasks, meetings and demos. Get auto reminders before each meeting. Each event created on the scheduler is Colour coded so that you can easily distinguish between various actions.

Odyssey CRM Bloemfontein Arrows

Opportunity Management

In business we teach sales teams to deal with persons and not with companies, people run companies and are the key to successful businesses. Because sales people do not like admin and paper work, ODYSSEY simplifies the process of creating new leads and opportunities for new and existing contacts. Fast and powerful search options help you to quickly get information about your opportunities. Quickly convert any lead into an Opportunity and start adding actions like quotations and tasks. Odyssey will keep track of all communications between your sales team and their customers. Auto reminders & a full graphical tracking system will indicate where in the negotiation process each and every deal is.

The biggest problem with most sales people is that their quotations are not professionally done and that calculation mistakes are made. It has never been easier to create quotations than in Odyssey CRM. No more EXCEL or WORD documents are required. With the build in quotation system, management now hascomplete control and ensures that all quotes are linked to the client file. Prices, descriptions and a professional look, can be controlled from management.

Odyssey CRM Bloemfontein Products

Product Management

Create all your products online or import from excel. You do not have to link your CRM to any in-house accounting software. Odyssey has a complete product file with information such as three (3) pricing levels, SOH, Descriptions, linked suppliers and various properties.

Odyssey also allows you to enter information about maximum discount, mark-up, pictures etc. Send price lists direct to your customers with details pictures.

Odyssey CRM Bloemfontein Quotation


In Odyssey CRM you can quickly create Quotation online and convert into a PDF format before mailing it to your client. Sales people now have a standardized product file with accurate pricing and discount control. Various features and quotation formatsare available. Odyssey CRM also calculates rental amounts(monthly payment calculations) over 36,48 or 60 months depending on the client requirements.

  • Automatic monthly payment calculations.
  • Select your own down payment options with deposit and payment dates.
  • Automatically add insurance to the quote.
  • With the click of a button, sales representative can automatically calculate the monthly estimated installments on the value of the quotation. Deposit required can be indicated for cash deals as well as a monthly post-dated payment option.
  • Add notes to a quote.
  • Add trade in’s if required.
Odyssey CRM Bloemfontein E-mails



Odyssey has an integrated email and message system for internal use. Our messaging system help staff to communicate through messages that forms part of the daily tasks and schedules. Sales staff, managers and team leader can communicate through this internal mail system. In Odyssey each contact / opportunity has a set of icons which allows the user to click and instantly send an email direct to the customer with attached quotations and brochures.

Odyssey CRM also allows you to send emails with quotations and other attachments direct to your current and new customers. Automatic integration to MS Outlook ensures that all mails, communicated to and from the clients are stored on a central database for future use.


Odyssey CRM Bloemfontein Team Management & Security


Team Management & Security

In Odyssey CRM you can create different branches each with their own internal sales teams. Each team we create can have various sales people under that team leader. Branch manager can then get overall reports of each branch, whereas team leader can only view what their team are busy with and related reports.

Team leaders can view and control all members of their team from a central point. Security options for each team leader to delete or edit contacts / opportunities / quotes etc.



Odyssey CRM Bloemfontein Reports



Various reports are available. And report can be viewed, printed in PDF or exported to excel

  • Sales commission reports.
  • Overall turnover report.
  • Per team.
  • Per branch.
  • Throughout the whole group.
  • Quotation and opportunity reports.
  • Employee sales reports.
  • Commission report.
  • Sales Dash board.
  • Discounts given for a period.
  • Management reports.
  • Dash boards & gauges.
  • Turnover.
  • Deal progress
  • All of the above.
Odyssey CRM Bloemfontein Charts and Dashboards

Charts and dash Boards

Understand more about your customers and your sales. You can generate many useful charts. Very powerful PIE, 3D bar and line charts. View sales dashboard of overall sales figures or individual sales per representative.

Managers and owners can install a powerful GADGET on their Windows 7 or Vista desktop. Get immediate notifications of new deals. See the over branch turnover or progress.